Ah!! You are here, which means that you do want to know about me.
The name’s KrishnaChaitanya Ch & I live in Bangalore, INDIA after shifting from Hyderabad a year ago.

Some say I am bad, some say am the one to be with, some like me, some hate me, Some come to me and some run from me. Some say I betrayed them and some say I helped them the most.

However, Am a simple guy living in dreams and work to make them true some day and believe in ” Great people dont do diffrent things, They do things differently ” .

Am a guy with many different moods. Am a WORKAHOLIC, I’m a GEEK, I live, breathe, sleep & talk INTERNET, Computers, Gizmos and all other Electronic gadgets and stuff. I spend a lot of time on INTERNET, gaining knowledge, learning new things & I’m happy with it. Most of the time I work with bleeding edge technology.

I love surfing INTERNET & like to know a lot of new things from many good websites & believe me, though I’ve seen a lot of them, I’m still thirsty, b’coz, yeh dil mange more.

Besides INTERNET, one thing that I can’t do without is music. Relaxing, soothing music, indespensable.

I watch movies too, whenever I can.

I love reading. I also like to spend lot of time with friends.

So, there you are. That’s all I think there’s to know about me

One thought on “About

  1. Hi from Istanbul,Turkey
    I found your web site when i was googling about rdc manager issues. I came across a problem after i installed rdc man. When i want to connect to server, it appears a window connection error. Error possibly involving gateway settings. The method or iperation is not implemented. could you help me how to silver this problem. OS : win xp sp 3 and rdp ver. 6.1 installed. Kb969085 as well. Thank you.

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