Windows Phone 7 Series

On Monday Microsoft announced its new mobile operating system Windows Phone 7 Series. Phones with this OS are likely to be released to the market in 2010 holidays. Few important details of it are as below

Update: No Support for Flash

Feature List

  • Main screen organized as six hubs
  • Real time Updates
  • Bing Search and Bing Maps
  • A Captive Multi-Touch-Screen
  • Accelerometer
  • 5 Megapixel Camera
  • FM Radio
  • Dedicated Bing Search Button

The Interface

  • People Hub – status updates, share photos etc on social networking sites
  • Pictures Hub – Place for videos and photos
  • Games Hub – provides access to Xbox Live experience
  • Music + Video Hub – Zune player integration
  • Office Hub – Office, OneNote, SharePoint Workspace etc
  • Market Place Hub – place to download third party apps

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